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--- Quote from: woodsorrel on October 27, 2018, 04:53:31 PM ---Awesome pictures, Spyder1958! 

I did a three-day backpack in that area that ended at Many Glacier.  So I really enjoyed your pictures.

It's great that you took the time to see the glaciers, as they are retreating rapidly.  Did you get a chance to step onto the glacier?

- Woodsorrel

--- End quote ---

No I didn't cross the last snow bridge that the grandson & son In-law did to get to Grinnell. They had the trail closed past the falls to get to it.


--- Quote from: wolfy on October 27, 2018, 06:26:52 PM ---Is Bird Woman Falls still 'falling' or have the glaciers and snow retreated so much that it no longer exists?   I'll bet you didn't pull that big fifth-wheeler over the Going to the Sun Highway.....I recall seeing aluminum-bearing rocks projecting from the inside corners of that narrow passage! :lol:

Fantastic pics Spyder.....brings back a lot of great memories! :thumbsup:

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She's still flowing strong Craig, I should have photo, I'll post.
No, Camper stayed in camp ground, LOL, I seen plenty of people stopped an wait till on coming cars passed before those tight spots.

Here's Bird women falls, photo taken when we hiked from Logan's pass to Chalet and down back side.


another bird women falls, not the best photo's , I only had my phone, I forgot to pack the go-pro and my good camera  :shrug:

You've effectively whetted our appetites for another trip up there. :drool: :drool:    Last couple of times we were up there we viewed the scenery through the panoramic windshields of a VW Campmobile & the '73 Ford E-100 van, but this time we'll enjoy even more unrestricted views from atop the H-D TriGlide.:banana::banana:

A solo hike, got a little nervous, hiking up to lake Marion, was told by local, the cutthroat trout fishing was real good. the trail became over grown, twisting up the mountain. decided to turn around. did catch two below a small falls on the creek.


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