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Blade length - 9", Overall length - 14-1/2", steel 1/16" ATS34 Scales - some kind of stabilized burl (sorry - forgot what it was).  Price $250 plus shipping.

Whatever that burl is it is really good looking.  Interesting handle shape.

Very,very nice!

Reminds of a seax I've seen. I like the drop pommel. Looks like there is a bit of recurve along the edge(?) not a great feature on the cutting board- but that could be my glasses, a photo thing.  :shrug: or, if not the seax, a very barong like hilt. Either or, a neat design for the martial kitchen. It is a cool looking blade crash

That a beaut! :drool:...the handle design is very cool and the pin placement...nice work Crash :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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