Author Topic: You know you're a Montanan when....  (Read 219 times)

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You know you're a Montanan when....
« on: January 18, 2019, 07:43:19 PM »
Duplicate post, but I wanted to share in public:

Speaking of Montana.  It's not a place, it's a State of Mind.

My son has a new lady friend. We just met her today.

"You know you're a good Montana Girl when....."

You drive 13 hrs, over 500 miles, in a blinding Montana snowstorm, and when asked how the drive was your only reply is, "There sure were a lot of deer."
When it's suggested you should dress accordingly for a fondue dinner, you respond, "If I have clothes that can't get food on them, I don't wear them."
You meet our 13 year old reclusive Border Collie for the first time, and she doesn't bark or growl at you.

Yeah...she's a good'un.  ;D
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