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it's about 10x20 but the funny thing is if youlook at the picture of how they show you the 16 people
sleeping. it trully resembles a old african slave ship.
my take is this it is ment for 4 people comfortably.

Who makes that tent, Mikey....and is there a link with pictures & specs?

the tent in question is a ozark trails
sz is 10x20

well last night night i spent the night in the new tent.
it was a little chilly but with the usgi sleep system i was quite cozy,
only used the ranger bag and was snug.

tonight isw supposed tobe in the upper 20's to lower 30's
it feels good to be out of doors again.
any how i'm eating manerian orange chicken with rice
a dehydrated meal to get into the feel of things

Them dehydrated meals cause gas and stink up the place.   :puke:

Have a good time Mike.


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