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I'm breaking down.  I used to HATE electronics in the bush.  But I use my phone to navigate sometimes in the truck now.  I'm looking into solar to recharge when we're "out there".  At Rendezvous this year,  I called Kelly a few times because 10 days is a long time for us to be apart.  They even had a recharging station hidden behind a tall fence.  Since we bought the Subaru, we cringe at taking the truck long distant because of the cost of gas.  I'm a reader.  I have trouble fitting my books and mags in the Subaru for a 3 day camping trip much less all summer.  So I'm breaking down.  I'm buying a Kindle.

Lotsa reasons to.  I think the Newer Kindle Paperwhite that's waterproof is the one I want.  But I don't know of if I need 8G or 32G.  Why wouldn't I want 32G?  Are there cons to this choice?

Thanks for any input you might have.

I ordered the Kindle waterproof Paperweight.  Upgraded to 32G and added on the 120v adapter.

Now I'm looking at solar that can recharge it and our phones so we don't have to hear that damn gennie all summer.

Received my Kindle today.  Got her programmed or booted up or however they say it.  It's a good size.  Easy to read and operate.  I got a free book and I'm reading it now.  I should have just gone ahead and got the screen protector and some kind of case.  But I thought they were overpriced.

Cindie reads on her kindle everyday. I have one as well but don't read on it much anymore. Having Amazon Prime and their free books is a plus.

Hummmnn.....idunno. :coffee:


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