Author Topic: Taras Kul is at it again -- No Flame Cooking  (Read 476 times)

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Taras Kul is at it again -- No Flame Cooking
« on: May 13, 2019, 08:16:40 PM »
Taras Kul (AKA: CrazyRussianHacker) does all sorts of reviews from snow removal to kitchen gadgets.  Some of his more interesting videos are "camping gadgets".  I think he has 25+ videos and usually reviews 5-6 products per video.
Anyway, this one caught my attention.  Fire restrictions keeping you from going camping this summer?  Check this out.

(NOTE: He has 6.5M subscribers and this video has over 600,000 views.  He's worth watching.)

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Re: Taras Kul is at it again -- No Flame Cooking
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2019, 07:09:53 AM »

  Thanks OP,  good stuff, I've seen a few of his videos and found them to be pretty entertaining and sometimes informative, in this case the flameless cooker I think is pretty neat, it's not really new technology, more a new application.
  It's certainly not inexpensive,  as we all know there's much cheaper ways to heat or cook your food while away from your kitchen, but I can see where it would come in handy and even be worth the expense for getting out during fire bans or on a day outing like a hike or fishing where to can't or don't want to make a cook fire or set up a wood or gas stove.

  Thanks again.
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