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just lately i've been able to get out to the camp and spend some time.
no carving feather sticks like that. just kinda hanging out.
i must say that camping out alone sucks. trying to make the best of it anyhow.
i have spent a few overnighters as of late it felt good. now i've got bird feeders outside the tent
little more company now i guess.

the cats love to watch the birds too . going to start cooking more out there soon.

If you know any male kids that don't have the opportunity to go camping, but would like to.....a simple invitation to do so, might be just what the doctor ordered. :shrug: :thumbsup:

actually had a couple come out a few times last summer with the grand son.
though he's in cub scouts he said he's never went camping just meetings and book learning.
and sadly with a very socialist slant what has scouting come to seriously'
anyhow I got the chance to teach him fire craft pitching a tent some cooking archery
and how to outfit a pack. and gave him a mess of gear and pack none of witch he had.
that made me happy to help  in that way. I hope they come out this summer.
btw last night I stayed out in the tent brrrrrrrrrr is it still winter or is old age creeping up on me?

Both! :rofl:

I'm kind of the weirdo I guess but I love camping alone.  Hopefully though you can find a bushbuddy to take out with you.


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