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Old Philosopher:
Shelter by the roll....

I was prepared to hate that shelter, but it's really pretty cool....I was surprised that it lasted that long in the sunshine & elements.  Most plastic products like milk jugs degrade rather quickly, but this film seems to take it really well, even as a kayak skin.

I subscribed, btw.....thanks, Ol'P! :cheers:

Old Philosopher:

That is the same film they use to wrap pallets of stuff for shipping all over the world. Look up next time you're in a big box store and you see the wrap on their stock.  I've tried to help the guys at Western Building Center get the wrap off a pallet with the item I wanted on it.  Don't try to tear it with your bare hands...razor knife is the tool of choice.


Moe M.:

 Great content,  thanks for sharing OP.

Well that is about as neat a shelter as I have seen in some time.  It would make a dandy greenhouse  with a few vents.  As a shelter, with the canopy and the tarp system using the two tripods, a body could spend some pleasant weeks camping. 

Neat stuff.  The kayak looks like something that would work well in a variety of lakes and ponds.  Don't think I would do a lot of white water with it despite what he said about it holding up to rocks and abrasive stuff.

Thanks OP, terrific start to whatever day this is.  Retired guys don't have to have a calendar.  :)


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