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New "Grey Man" Pack

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Over the last 10-15 years my packs have swung to "tactical".  I needed to correct that as my being in urban areas more.  So I sprung for a Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21L.  Mystery Ranch is a little pricey for me but if you wait for a good sale you might get one of these for not much more than 100 bucks.

1911 for size comparison.

I like the shoulder straps.  There is no waist belt.  Not really a problem in a pack this size.  I also like the adjustment buckles and system.

It opens wide because of the zippers (which are water resistant).  There's sleeves for a tablet and laptop.  Mesh pocks inside and one in the lid.  There's a plate that keeps the pack solid.  The sleeves stop before the bottom of the pack for protection.

I've worn this pack for about a week and I am very happy with the fit and ruggedness.  I'd feel very comfortable in the woods or town with it. 

Of course I needed a new "urban" knife to go with the pack.  Review coming up.

Nifty pack Tony.  My last small "day" pack was a Fjall Raven model that I obtained for a decent price from an internet seller of outdoor equipment.  While I like my pack the one you picture has a quality look to it and that vertical zipper is interesting and should make for easy access to the stuff in the bottom.   

Well worth what it cost I think.

Looks nice.  The zip down front looks really handy for finding things without having to empty the pack. 

Good looking pack!  I've been contemplating the new Urban Assault 24.

I get by with a Maxpedition Fat Boy Versapak  shoulder bag. 


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