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Well I had to get a new knife to go with my new pack.  I chose the CEO.  I knew it's limitations when I ordered it.  It is not a woods bumming knife, carver, or a defense weapon.  I hate to say it but it is a glorified letter opener.  Albeit a really really sharp one.  The size and design were chosen so the knife could be carried in a shirt pocket.  It does that.  The recessed thumb stud was design not to hang up.  It doesn't.  But it's very hard to open one handed without slicing your thumb pad off.  One last gripe,  the edges are barely smoothed down.  Like square cut.  I knew that before I ordered it though and felt I could live with that because I won't be using it to carve or much of anything else other than eating with.

I'm keeping it.  But I might choose differently next time.

Looks like a great, "I have my own knife" at a steakhouse.   :cheers:

It does look like a good knife for eating.  Fitting in a shirt pocket isn't on my list.  The knife might be just as usable with a shorter blade.

I like the length of the handle.  It looks to be long enough to fit well in hand.

I like it Tony. Looks like it would be a great mini fillet knife.

Pete Bog:
I can't imagine how one would use that knife, but there is no denying it is a good looking instrument. If you purchased this for its aesthetic value, it was a great choice.


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