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Has anybody tried the Marble's 120th Anniversary Ideal Knife ?

The short answer is no.

This is a very confusing knife as it was offered by DLT trading and did not sell well.  Likely because it was 1095 steel but also at it's price point there are a lot of very good knives and many of them are customs.

Is this the one that came out in 2011?  Or a later version?

  The one I'm looking at is from Discount Cutlery. They describe it as A2 steel. Beautiful looking knives. I think I saw someplace that these are being made by Bark River Knives for Marble's.   

The 120th Anniversary Ideal model made in the USA should be a good one if Bark River is making it as their knives (regardless of what some people think of the owner) are well made.  I will add however that when you get to that price point with knives you need to understand that should you want to sell it at a later date it will be difficult to get your money out of it.  If you like the style and the size and it fits the kind of work you will do with it then it is a good thing  You can buy an original Ideal model in reasonable condition for less than these new models.  I would probably go with an original which can be obtained for less than $150 in some venues.  Ebay has several. 



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