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1st Krac Outting Fall of 2019

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I took a bunch of pictures of that but could still use some help.  Like names of the parts,

Tony, I'm still working out some details. I got some additional ideas from me using it at camp. When I get it more complete, I'll do a write-up and either post it to this thread, or start a new one.

Looks like y'all had a great time and apparently did not go hungry!

It was great to see everyone at camp, I wish I  could have stayed longer but if I did I would have had to shoot that damn generator in the other camp. The food was amazing and don't think I could have eating anything else Saturday night.

I would like to thank Dave from Crashblades on raffling off the kitchen knife, it got used the next night on some chicken and it will be given another turkey to carve next week.

My new hammock setup was under going some suspension changes and now I'm using a single strap for the tarp and the hammock.

Here is another pic of Greg's solar setup.

Thanks for the pic Ron. Also, your hammock setup is one of the finest that I have seen. You have some very cool hardware, suspension system, and gear, great setup.

Congratulations on winning the Crashblade knife, that is one cool kitchen knife. When I used it to take the wrapping off the turkey, I inadvertently cut a 1/2" deep gash all down the side of the turkey. It's like a damn scalpel, be careful.


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