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Other than the Scandi grind, I like them! 

I like the small one and it appears to have a decent handle on it.

The big one is okay but I really like the way the sliding clasp works on that kydex sheath.  A very useful feature I would think. 

My thoughts on these new fixed-blade Knives match those of both of you guys. :cheers:     I really like the sheath on the smaller of the two offerings, but the scandi grind is far from being my favorite.  They would be great for carving wood, I guess, but I spend very little time carving camp gadgets and much more time in food preparation.  Almost any grind out there beats the scandi by more than a country mile in the kitchen.  Give me an Opinel or a custom Kephart for those chores! 8)

Thanks for sharing, and like you and Stan I like the small neck knife as well.
As you probably know Victorinox makes a good line of kitchen and butcher knives, the best being the forged and the cheaper stamped steel. I've used the butcher line of skinners, boning knives when helping the family in the butcher shop and the pairing knives in our kitchen. I've been wanting to order one of their forged kitchen knives but haven't pulled the trigger but will soon. I like the rosewood and walnut handles best for home use, but the fibrox handles on the butcher knives is great. I posted before about using one for a year in the butcher shop at least 6 days a week. I sharpened it one time in the beginning and only touched up on the steel and large ceramic rod I pickup at Ikea. My knife was like new after 1 year, my two brothers both wore out their knives from sharping each day. They wouldn't listen  :shrug: I've since picked up a black ceramic steel I like if the edge is really dull. I'll list below.


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