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ESEE knives in S35VN steel


ESEE has always used 1095 carbon steel for their knives,  and that's fine.  That is s good steel,  and mine have given exemplary service.  Recently though,  they have been adding some other choices.  A few years back I picked up one of their little Izula knives in 440C.  It has been my kayak knife,  and is a fine little blade.
They came out with a new design, the Xancudo, in S35VN steel.  They design has been available as a folder,  now it's a fixed blade also.  I picked up one of those last week.
Their old classic design was the RAT 3,  now called the ESEE 3.  It is also out in S35VN, so I ordered one of those as well.  It showed up today,  and I have to say,  it is one heck of a compact sized belt knife. 

I like both of those Sam. The Xancudo looks like a great all around knife. Did they come with sheaths?

Yes.  The supplied sheath is molded hard plastic, with a beefy  belt clip.

The little one has a great blade shape I think.  Never owned any of these but I would give that Xancudo a look. 


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