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Re: 1984
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Well this thread didn't actually go in the direction I thought it would.  But do they ever?

It certainly exposed true colors.

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Re: 1984
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Re: 1984
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pompous comes to my mind

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Re: 1984
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Interesting  topic  and maybe even more interesting answers. A lot of political stuff but no actual medical stuff, at least from what I saw.

So, here's another perspective that is NOT political. Make of it what you will.

The Covid 19 form of the virus is a novel (new) form for which humans had no acquired immunity and is spread across the globe. If you don't know about acquired immunity that's fine, look it up. Same goes for anything else that might be included here. As this virus is Novel (new) there was very little  known about it specifically and researchers relied on general knowledge of similar viruses. Some of the knowledge applies, some remains to be determined and some does not.

There is still a great deal that remains to be learned about Covid 19.  What can be farily said is that transmissability is better understood than a few months ago, effective treatments are still not identified (chloroquinine and ingesting/injecting bleach don't provide the results some folks hope for) how many people have actually developed symptoms and how many of the exposed have not and most importantly what the longer term effects might be.  There is no vaccine available. There is definitive treatment only supportive care. The mortality rate might be around 3.2 to 3.5% but it is far too soon to tell.

What we have to work with are old school Public Health approaches such as contact tracing and widespread testing, basic infection control measures and public awareness campaigns.

The data on mask use relies on a few assumptions including a "properly fitted mask" and few people outside the medical business understand what that means. Slapping a bandana on might not work as well as a properly fit tested N95 but what else, in reality, do we have?  To the extent mask wearing helps limit the spread it is a reasonable approach. Some hold that even wearing a mask in public is better than nothing if only because of a social reinforcement factor. Pretty weak response but it's what is currently available.

This particualr virus may turn out to be less deadly than others but in the long term it might be worse. Covid 19 will drift as it circulates but it may also shift. We Don't Know.

We Don't Know not because the research is skewed or it's a big conspiracy or some other nonsense. We Don't Know because we've never seen this before. What We Do Know is regardless of how this plays out it will not be the last time we confront something like this or possibly something much worse.

So if you think you're too whatever for a highly infectious virus about which little is known, to which none have previously acquired immunity, for which only supportive care of limited usefulness is available but that everyone will likely encounter at some point and you find basic public health measures a personal violation well, go for it. Just stay away from rational folks who rely on facts to make decisions.

Note: To the extent medical advice has been given, I can do that.

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Re: 1984
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Maybe the Good Lord just finally found a cure for STUPID.  But Pete, I got a little story for you.  Back in high school as a senior I was short a credit so I went out for debate.  I never got very good at it--most of the winners had been in since freshman year--but I entered a few events at a tournament, held at one of the colleges, and wound up in Impromptu Speaking; a deal where you drew a category out of a hat, then drew a judge, and stood in front of the judge to argue whatever question you had drawn.  One of my acquaintances--I can't say "friend", didn't know him that well--drew his topic, and colored up a bit: he'd drawn a slip that said "Defend premarital sex for high school and college students".  That was pretty scary, generally, but since the high school debate participants were from both public and private schools, and the only private schools around were parochial schools, it happened that one of the judges was--you guessed it--a nun.  AND HE DREW HER!
That was in the Fall of 1962, and I don't remember what points he tried to make; certainly, then, they would have been pretty tame, compared to now--but he stood up like a man and said his piece, and I was quite impressed.  I had to draw him aside to find out what his score was; he got a second.  I'd have thought he should have got a first, just for having the balls to go through it, but there it was.  I'm pretty sure the nun was having a problem with it, (though she could have been the one who submitted the question) but finally, I think dogma won out.
So if you're bothered by the responses of Stan and Grumpy and some of the others--just imagine them running around in those old-timey black and white "habits", and carry on!