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Dozier Ka Bar folding hunter.
« on: December 14, 2020, 07:04:59 PM »
I saw a photo of these somewhere and liked the looks of it so I picked one up.  This is the model with Aus8 steel and the 3" blade.  I needed an inexpensive knife to put in the truck.............. .. no I didn't.  I just wanted another knife.  I read a review on this one and a comparison between this one and a more expense BenchMade bugout.  The reviewer thought the Ka-bar was as good, in some ways better, and at 1/5th the cost a no brainer.   

Aus 8 is good steel, not in the class that SV30 is but certainly okay for anything I will do with it.  It is similar to 440 stainless steels and I have a few of those.  I went with a black coated blade as I didn't have one and an orange handle.  Might be harder to lose that way.  You can get it in bright finish and other handle colors if you wish. 

The important specs are:  3" blade, lock back, 7 1/4" long when open, .11 inch thick blade, and it costs $20.50.  You can also get a mini version with a 2 3/8" blade and if you want D2 steel you can get that for about $44.00. 

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