Author Topic: What bushcraft/outdoor related things keeps you guys busy these pandamic days ?  (Read 204 times)

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Since christmas covid has been running through my family as well. Some family in law members had the typical no smell/taste symptoms, mother in law is quite sick and if it gets worse we will get medical help.
And since last week it reached also us, both my wife and I are tested positive.
Wife is feeling sick, does not smell anything and gets dizzy occasionally + feeling for throwing up.
Me and my boy are 100% healthy, no symptoms at all.
But due to this my boy is not in kindergarten anymore for the next 15 days.

So what do we do.. Recently we had a lot of snow so we build ourselves a "igloo/quinzee" kinda thing, like we do almost each year.
In version 1 we slept, but it was quite tight, so next day we expanded it to version 2.
Now it is a quite comfy 2.5 person place, plus a side igloo for our dog. (he will never fit in this, but my son insisted on it and the idea is nice)
Tonight another night in the igloo, it will be -4c / 24.8f and upcoming weekend it should even be around -10c / 14f.

Since my boy is almost 5 years old, i have to make sure everything goes perfect and he is not cold.
So for me it is a nice way of showing him that every season is great to go outside, and putting my winter gear to use.
(I had 2 hikes on snowshoes planned, but all got cancelled due to me being in quarantine now)

These days our activities is playing in the snow, fill every bucket and wheelbarrow with water so it freezes overnight and then he likes to play with the ice, and so on.

Other than that I made a fishing rod rack for my rods. After years of standing in corners they have finally their own dedicated place :-)
Some axe restores (the Hults Bruk has become my absolute favorite user)
Made some awls, from spalted birch and birch bark as well.
And some other stuff not really outdoors related.

And a couple of pics:

Igloo v1

Igloo v1

Igloo v1

Igloo v2

Fishing rod rack

Awl with spalted birch and stacked birch bark.

Hults Bruk restore, used the original handle and metal wedge

New handle was needed, old one was broken. Burned it a bit for looks.

Left the Ochsenkopf Iltis from above
Middle, Dutch modded axe with new handle, mixed the blo with some green food coloring, but did not work out great.
Right, Czech modded axe with new handle, mixed the blo with some red food coloring, worked out great.

Still in the planning is to make:
- 2 new hammocks, 1 with and 1 without bugnet.
- haversack kit
- bedroll kit
For those 2 projects I still need to gather a bit more info and do some reading up.
And if I get really bored, I still have about 120 or so axes that needs some serious tlc :-)

So, outdoors related, what keeps you guys busy these days ?

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Nice post Dabberty.  Great to see the joy on your son's face in some of those pictures.  Axes look good and that is a very nice fishing rod rack.  I also like the firewood supply that you have from an earlier post.  It is comforting to have all that wood so neatly stacked and available.

I have modified my 1x42" Viel grinder with an angle attachment. Not really much of a project but we will see how that works.  I am in the processs of repairing wind damage to my hunting/photography blind and besides sewing up some rips in the fabric am trying to find a method to fix a broken fiberglass strut on one of the hubs.  It may require a new part which the makers do not sell. 

I also acquired a new knife, a Grohmann mini folder which I like quite a bit.  It takes a good edge and seems, so far, to be a very useful small pocket knife.  I am making a belt sheath for it and have the leather and thread on hand.  It will be made with a saddle stitch.  A variety of different plans are available and I am looking at some of my other sheaths to see what might work the best with this smaller sized knife.

I restored an old leather strop used when people shaved with straight razors.  It required new leather and a repair to the end where the handle is attached.  I used an old belt I no longer wear. I do not have a photo of this strop on hand.

This is a photo of the grinder.  The attachment goes on the platen just above the table.  This photo is not one of my grinder but mine is exactly the same unit.  The attachment has adjustable angles and you sharpen the blade with the abrasive belt coming into the edge instead of away from the edge.  Two passes on a fairly sharp blade and you can strop it.  This photo does not show the attachment.

The new Grohmann knife that needs a belt sheath.

This is a reproduction of a fur trade era dag I am putting a handle on.  This handle is oak and I am having second thoughts about using that wood so the project is stalled until I decide what to do.  I was given this by a really good friend.  It will be for display when it is finished. 

Winter is a long time going in these parts.  While we have not had a lot of snow this year it has been both windy and cold most of the time and keeps old guys like me inside the house.  My shop has a wood stove so I can get some things done. 

Other projects to think about:
Make a sled to pull behind the 4 wheeler.  I have some old Alpine skis to use on this.
Make a permanent wooden blind to put in one of the good spots on the farm.

No Covid so far with the two of us.  We minimize contact with others most of the time, and, given our health related issues, we wear masks when we go grocery shopping or, in my case, when I go to a sporting goods show or big store like our local farm supply. 

I added these after the fact:

angle sharpening attachment

The strop with the "new" leather belt installed

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Love the pics man.
I'm headed to a pre-1840 Rendezvous to get away from this crazy.
Testing stations.
Handwashing stations.
We're gonna be fine.
Finishing up a blackpowder Hawkens.  Various leather work.

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Going camping out of state for some colder weather. 

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Casting bullets for my 45/70 & 45/100 and then weighing & sorting them all, reloading a bunch of .45 acp brass, sharpening knives for friends with the WorkSharp that Heather gave me last year.  The weather ain't bad, but we've had a solid week of gray skies & heavy fog....pretty gloomy. :(
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Sorted through my cooking totes, sharpened my axes and machetes, sharpened a bunch of knives. 

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wsdstan, thats great idea about the angle sharpening attachment!
mannlicher, got some pics of those sharp toys ?
wolfy, would love to see some pics of the casting if possible, never done it, never seen it.
crashdrive123, as soon as I am out of quarantine I'll be out camping as well :-) My snowshoes have been waiting a whole year for this now.
madmaxine, when your done with the hawkens and leatherwork, mind sharing some pics ?
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