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For lack of a more inspired name, I'm just calling this my "new hunter". I got out to the shop to put the finishing touches on it, and etched my logo.

Specs are:

5/32" O1 tool steel
Desert ironwood scales
C360 brass bolsters
brass/stainless Loveless bolts
9" overall length
4.5" blade

Ok, I really like this knife/sheath combo. It's not intended to be a bushcraft or survival knife (I wouldn't baton with it). It's a hunting knife, designed for cutting animal flesh and skin. The thickness at the edge is made very thin, for ease of sharpening, and improved cutting performance. But that comes at the cost of less toughness vs. a knife like my Intrepid that has a thicker edge.

Anyhow, it will be hard to see this one go. I could be persuaded to part with it for $315 shipped to U.S. addresses. SOLD

Thanks for looking!

Absolutely beautiful Ron this blade is awesome.

I love it. 


Thanks guys!


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