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Re: Your Personal Survival Kit
« Reply #50 on: April 06, 2013, 07:27:00 PM »
Great kit xj35s! If I didn't use the Bat Belt, I'd use a single belt pouch system like that.

Speaking of Bat Belts:

It's a scalable rig. In winter I don't carry the snake bite kit (although I do carry the meds/boo boo items out of it), I only sometimes carry the binoculars, Don't often carry the knife, although the Leatherman Sidekick comes with me in a separate pocket knife pouch.

Usually it's just the belt, the canteen pouch, the PSK pouch and a pocket knife pouch.

Here's the Bat Belt fully loaded - L to R - PSK in a MOLLE II grenade pouch, Canteen kit in an Aussie issue canvas "Hexy" canteen cover, Snake Kit in an Aussie issue compass pouch, Ka-Bar in a 21st Century pattern kydex sheath (heavily modded), Leatherman in M9 accessory pouch on sheath, mini binos in ALICE compass pouch.

Contents of the canteen cover - Nalgene Oasis 1qt canteen, Aussie steel canteen cup, US aluminium canteen cup stove/stand, Aluminium canteen cup lid with wire handle, the pouch, "Aquatabs" (chlorine-based water purification tabs) in foil and vac sealed, 4 x hexamine tabs in small ziplock bag and wrapped in PVC tape, Match box with lifeboat matches - has a compass in lid, Brew kit - tea bag, 2 x green tea, 2 x coffee, 6 x sugar, iced tea sachet, 70lt transpiration bag, space bag.

Snake bite/boo boo kit - pencil wrapped in duct tape, various sized ziplock bags, elastic crepe bandage and compression bandage and a sheet of write in the rain paper in vacseal bag, Boo boo kit - skin closure strips, aquatabs, paracetamol, Imodium, paracetamol with codeine, bandaids, rehydration mix sachets, various bandaids, gauze pads

knife - KaBar Marine knife with part serrated edge, Leatherman Sidekick multitool   

Binoculars - ALICE compass pouch, cheapie 8 x 22 compact binoculars

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Your Personal Survival Kit
« Reply #51 on: April 06, 2013, 10:19:55 PM »
My PSK is my Maxpedition Falcon II that goes with me everywhere I go!

Which reminds me, I need to add some para cord to it :doh:
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Re: Your Personal Survival Kit
« Reply #52 on: April 12, 2013, 02:14:12 PM »
HI all, 

Wow, you guys have some great set ups for carring your survival goodies    :)

I use a military butt pack with a shoulder strap to carry  my stuff in
The pic shows what I carry when on a walk in the woods in my area.

I also have the same set up in a maxpidition  geart slinger Malaga pack.  it is bigger than my
but pack and it is easyer to pack my a bit to eat( my sand wich and cheeze its do not get so smashed  lol)  if I am going to be out for more than just a walk with my Beagle Kelly Girl.
This is a pic of her just today on our walk bu the river near town where we live at.


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Re: Your Personal Survival Kit
« Reply #53 on: May 27, 2013, 08:04:33 PM »
Mine is still in the making but I enjoyed the pictures and ideas.... Thanks for sharing