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« Reply #200 on: July 22, 2020, 05:50:19 AM »
When the shop keeper doesn't have enough interest to stop in for a few minutes every couple of days it doesn't bode well for the future of the shop.   

  Just saying.   ???

With an attitude like that, I think your new forum name is more apropos than your previous one.  Just accept it for now.....the forum name 'Moe' brings back memories of the 3 Stooges, anyway. 

PW may be under the weather, away on a trip or  :shrug:       

He'll fix the problem when he gets back. :coffee:

 LOL,  that's not what I meant,  my problem will get resolved or it won't,  in itself that's no big deal,  I still have use of the forum, and though I'd like my identity back,  I can live without it here.
 What I said was meant in a general sense,  IMHO we don't need a moderator to keep us in line, we do a pretty good job of policing our own,  but we do need the administration to be on top of problems that might pop up about forum security, to answer technical questions (like how do I change the Font format) about the forum, and to make changes when necessary, I'm assuming that's what happened to Red,  he appeared to loose interest, didn't log in for long stretches,  and then was gone, if Ron fades away,  where does that leave the forum,  just saying.   ???
 I can well understand that sometimes life gets in the way and priorities come first,  I also understand that Ron has had his share of surprises and upsets to deal with,  again in my opinion, if the job is too demanding at times then appointing a moderator to take the pressure off would seem reasonable.   

* BTW, Grumpy refers to my user name,  not necessarily my general disposition.   :)
           Plus, creating a new me got me back the use of emoticons and spell checking (which for some unknown reason was lost a couple of years ago),  so it wasn't a total disaster.    :banana:

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« Reply #201 on: July 22, 2020, 01:02:22 PM »
PW has some work conflicts as I recall but he used to post once in awhile.  Now nothing.  Maybe under the weather or some outside issues but it sure would be nice to hear from him.
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