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     I was thinking a bit today about my bush partner, Duke. We haven't been out for a few days since I am working on a finish trim job about 25+ miles one way from our home. The weather has been cold...sometimes not even above -0-deg. F. for the highs. Duke doesn't care much about the cold, he just wants to get out in the sticks. My having to work each day has put a bit of a damper on our getting out a few times a week. He is not happy with that, & complains each time I leave to go to work, as he thinks I am going off to the sticks without him, even when I tell him I have to go "work". ( I even wear a different jacket so he knows something is different. Doesn't matter..) Regardless... It got me to thinking, as I drove to work today... There are about 750+ B&B members now & I was trying to think of who has dogs for Bush pals , & I could only come up with a few member names. I connected me & Duke, & then went thru the following:

Madmax + "Max"

Woodsrunner & "Zip" +plus I think there is another or two, but "Zip"is the one I remember right now.   

Woods Woman has about five or six bush buddies that are dogs, & I know that ones name is the same as my bush pal(Duke).

Wood Trekker I think, has a dog or too,but I do not know the names.

Imnukesc has a beagle( I think,might be a basset hound) that likes to get on his bed, but I do not remember the name, nor if he has another dog buddy.

I think there a few more, but I cannot recollect them at this time,nor during the time I have been thinking on this... I apologize if I missed anyone, but it has plumb escaped me, to remember any more folks & their dog friends.

No matter if I remember or not... That is only about 5-6 that I remember that take our dog pals out to the sticks with us, on occasion. Some take them out almost all the time, & others only occasionally... But they go out with us.. That is around a number that is less than 1% of the membership of this forum. I am pretty sure that that percentage does not reflect on the percentage of folks who have dogs as their pals. So that brought some things to my mind...

So.... I have 2 questions...

1) If ya have a dog(s) , what is its' name(s) & do you take them with you when ya get out in the woods bushcrafting/camping, or the like?

{I take Duke out almost every time I go out....as most of you know.}

(Pics are welcome, but not necessary)

2) If ya do take your dog out with you, please tell the things you do if you only go out for a few hours or , if you go out for a few days & nights?

     {I, take my buddy, Duke, with me most every time I go out, unless there is a good reason not to take him. He sleeps where he likes... Either, next to me on the ground, or some where close. ( if I am in a hammock). I only tie him up when there is good reason to do so. ( coyotes near, or other folks in the area. things like that.) I feed him what I/we are eating after we are done. No special foods brought along. I do bring a dish for him most times.. I can think of more thing but I want to leave some  things for any who wish to reply here.}

( I.E. - Food you take along, or do you just share your eats? Do you take bedding , or share yours? Do you tie up your pal at night, or leave the dog(s loose to make  up their own mind if they should stay,or roam? Things like that...)

I have a couple of more questions, but maybe this topic will grow & they will come out as things go on...

So... If ya have the time & would like to share anything about your dog(s) & if they get out to the bush/woods/sticks/etc. with ya. I'd bet there is more folks than just me, that would like to hear about it. Or, see pictures.... if you can share the pictures with us. :)

I sure hope that there are some here at B&B that will share their thoughts on this topic.. I know I am sure curious to know what folks here at B&B have to say about their dog partners& getting out into the bush/woods with them...

BTW... Even if ya don't have a dog as a bush pardner... Maybe you can tell us why ya don't, or  even why, if ya do have one... Why ya wouldn't take them out & along with ya on trips to the outdoors...? That would be interesting to hear about also...


My buddy is Opie the Golden Doodle.  He comes with me on my hikes and keeps me company. 

This is him as a pup.  He's an 80 lb boy now.

MnS, we have two beagles. They go with us pretty much everywhere we go whether it be to town or hiking/camping.
They ride in the canoe with us when we are out in the canoe fishing.
They've climbed mountains, etc.
Being that we live in the woods, they are 'free shorties' and run around here as they please, except they have to be in before dark.
We don't carry bedding for them because they BOTH sleep with my wife in her mummy bag. Sunshine sleeps at her feet and Zero sleeps up by her chest. They have done this since they were puppies.
We carry dog food for them, they both use to have little backpacks and carried their own food, bowls, etc.
A couple of years ago we were coming out from a camping/fishing trip and they both lost their packs in the brush somewhere :shrug: :mad:
We generally don't ever tie them up in camp, we just let them run around and torment the snowshoe hares ;D
They are 'brother and sister' from a different litter. She was nine in November and he was 8.
We have to watch where we carry them these days because of wolves :(
We have them around here, but they tend to stay up higher or in the winter down on the ranches. Basically, where ever the elk are.
There pretty good pups...
We've had MANY folks tell us that they have never known any beagles that were so well behaved :)
We taught them at a very young age that barking and or howling is not allowed in the house.

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Good subject, MnSport.   I'd like to learn more on this one.
Yes.. I have six dogs..but I dont know wich ONE I'm going to try to train to go out with me.     Goldie never shuts up..so she's the first one scritched off the 'go out' list.  Buddy would never lay still..or even be in camp with me.  Hershey is lame.  Tina sleeps with me at night..but she'd growl at every noise.  Sweety is Hubbys dog..her and I just stay in our own corners...  So that leaves Duke..  and he's never had a collar on so this should be interesting. 
Do you guys take along dry or canned foods for your dog?   And do you bring along a water bowl/water bottle just for the dog?

Good topic, MnS.  Unfortunately, due to health issues I don't get out and about like I used to.  Since I live on a few acres the dogs have plenty of room to roam, but I have an underground or "invisible" fence so the dogs don't leave the yard.  I'm pretty much surrounded by woods on three sides.  I do take very frequent strolls around the property checking on the things, looking for bird's nests in the spring, tending to various shrubs and plants, picking up dead limbs, etc. and the dogs (and the cat) are right there following along.  If I've got the right pic, Butterbutt, the half basset/half???? is on the left, the cat in the middle is Maggie, and the 30 pound Heinz 57 on the right is Griz (or Grizzly, really).  As you can see, they don't like each other.  Due to the coyotes here now, we keep them in at night, but during the day, the doggie doors are open and they can come and go as they please.  Your topic has given me an idea, though.  This spring I'm going to have to have my 7 year old grandson over here for a camp out in the back yard.  (I'd much rather have him camping out on a river bank fishing for catfish, running trot lines, etc., but I'm just not able to physically do that stuff any more.)  The pups can stay out there with us.  They are both actually very good watch dogs.  I dont' know for sure, but I bet the cat will be right in the thick of things because she would much rather be outside at night hunting than cooped up in the house.  (The cat is one murdering little machine!)



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