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Colonial French Biscuits
« on: March 06, 2012, 06:53:20 AM »

  Back in 1782 Hector St. John de Cre'vecoeur,  a New York farmer, wrote in his notes this recipe for French Biscuits.

  2-cups of lukewarm water.
  1-tbsp of sugar.
  1-tbsp of dry yeast.

  *  Let stand until the yeast has acted up,  in another bowl put seven cups of flour sifted,  1/2-cup of lard and pinch of salt.
   Mix this together and add 2 beaten eggs to the first mixture.
   Then add the first mixture with the eggs to the second mixture and make the dough.
   Let rise for 45 minutes,  roll, cut out, and bake.

   He gives no temp. or baking time,  which is not surprising since he was likely baking on a hearth,  he does mention however that "tree sugar" could be used directly on the bread or in the cooking.

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