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Water Level Website
« on: April 04, 2013, 06:15:50 AM »

I found this site years ago and use it whenever I am planning on where to fish on the weekends.  This river is a solid hour and a half drive (one way) from me, but it offers great fishing when the water is at the right levels.  I simply check on it from this site and I know if I should go or pick another place to fish.
There is data available for rivers throughout the United States.  Use the search function to find out if your favorite waters are monitored by the USGS.  Knowing what flow and levels are best for fishing is a matter of trial and error.  I keep a log of conditions and results and over time have built a pretty good picture of when my river normally fishes best.

Naturally this tool works for any water sports.  Wondering if there is water for a canoe trip and if the trip will be flat water or white this site will give you a good idea.
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