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Newb carving questions
« on: March 17, 2012, 06:51:51 AM »
Hi, please bear with me. I have decided to try to carve either a bowl, cup or spoon and never having even held a carving knife, I need to ask a couple things.

I was lucky to come across a guy who cut down an enormous black walnut yesterday and I grabbed a couple small pieces. I wish I had the means to take the 5 foot diameter chunks!!!

1. When it comes to carving do I do it while the wood is fresh or does it need to dry and if so, how long should it dry? Should I remove the bark now, after completion or never?
2. When the piece is complete, how do I prep it for use- ie. some sort of oil, wax or other finish??
3. And in the future, what kind of maintenance is required?
4. Any rules/tips in general that I should know- ie: knife holding tips, choosing a spot in the wood to begin, never carve after drinking 8 beers....

PS, I am picking up a Mora hooked knife and carving knife tomorrow for the job. Will that suffice or is there an essential tool(other than me) required for small carving/scooping jobs.

Thank you, thank you for any advice.

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Re: Newb carving questions
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2012, 10:10:01 AM »
WOW nice find  but to be honest  me  personally I would not recommend black  walnut as a first try for carving that stuff  is  very  nice  but it is a bear to carve to quote a buddy I  asked if he had any tips he joked dynamite? LOL it is seriously nice wood  and your bud is sitting on a gold mine to sell it

Far as the  Moras  go great  little  knives I got 2 of them though will  warn you they  won't cut butter when you get them  I learned how to sharpen mine from this guy on youtube

Far as tips   start of  with a spoon  first and  just learn how to  control  the knife. Most of your  work  will  be done  across  the  grain and such.  I would say  dig up a  couple of  videos on youtube  watch a few before you start that again is how I  learned then  just went at it  Good luck with it and best tip have FUN  with it. This  does become a very addictive  hobby.

Ah  just thought of  one thing  when I did  start spoon carving I  made the mistake of  diving  right into  it and carving for an  hour don't do that your arm muscles  will thank you  cause trust me you  will have muscles hurt that never did before lol but you   get used to  using them 

Oh and not trying to discourage you from  using black walnut  by any means  I just  know from trying it I wouldn't recommend it as a newbie carving  wood
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