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latest attempt (huge picture)
« on: August 27, 2013, 05:22:59 PM »

This started as a yard sale find. An older True Temper ditch blade. Until I got the itch for a heavy camp knife. All work was done with the factory temper which I would guess is high 50's possible low 60's on the Rockwell scale. No sheath yet as I still consider it a work in progress.
The tang is a piece of mild steel I welded on.  Blade is right at 11 inches with a 5 inch handle. The handle is untreated oak from an old barn post although I'm not too happy with how it looks. It is comfortable with no hot spots. The edge is just slightly thinner then when it left the factory.  My 1x42 doesnt have enough power to profile the edge and my elbows wont take using a file for long. Due to the thick edge its not much on slicing but at a 1/4 inch thick I think i could hammer it through a gun barrel.   

thanks for looking
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