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Making Rope with a Hand Powered Drill (part 2)
« on: October 08, 2013, 07:32:50 AM »
In my tutorial,6974.0.html I described how to make 3 strand rope with a hand powered drill.  Here is how to make 2 strand rope.

1.  For shorter lengths measure out strands from outstretched hand to chin.  These can be tied parallel (A), tied in a single loop (B), or interlocked loops (C).

2.  Put the knotted end  of one loop over a "S" hook at a fixed point and the other over a "S" hook on your drill.

3.   Turn handle CLOCKWISE until kink develops in strands when tension is released.  Put weight of some sort (just a few ounces) at midppoint of the twisting. 

4.   Bring the drill "S" hook over to the fixed point.

5.  Bring the weight down below the "S" hooks and release the weight.  .  It will twist around in a dramatic fashion. Very impressive for the kids.

6.  Tie off the "S" hook ends.  Here are the finished cords in reverse order from above.

These short cords make nice freindship bracelets.  A stopper knot  slips through the loop in the unknotted end.  Put a lanyard clip or split metal ring before twisting and you have an attractive zipper pull.

  You can use this method for longer lengths.  Place the hand drill 2 1/4 times the length of the finished rope, string the threads you are using and twist CLOCKWISE.   When initial twisting is over place a fixed hook midway between the 2 "S" hooks.  This can be a cup hook screwed into a 2 x 4 and taped or weighted in place.   Place the twisted strands under the mid-point hook so they do not come out when you bring the drill "S" hook back to the starting point.  You can also have a friend hold the hand drill at this mid-point. 
  Put the drill hook at the mid-point and twist COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.  Tie off at the "S" hook end.

When I was at the IGKT meeting in New Bedford I made at least 3 dozen friendship bracelets using the method described above. 
  After choosing the colors for the bracelet the child would hold the "S" hook and I would turn the hand crank. 
  I put the weight in the middle and holding the weight in one hand I would hand the child the "S hook from my end.
  I then brought the weight below the hooks held by the child and released the weight.  Everyone was fascinated by the spinning weight and the children appreciated the bracelet they helped make.  Tony

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Re: Making Rope with a Hand Powered Drill (part 2)
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2013, 07:46:52 PM »
I gave a leather bracelet twisted in a similar fashion.   ;)