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How to Put Slit Openings in Net Bags
« on: October 09, 2013, 08:19:06 AM »
Here is how I put the slits in the onion/potato storage bags,6949.0.html
Vertical Slit

To tie a vertical slit in tubular/circular netting:
The lettered rows show circular/tubular netting, the numbered rows show flat or wall netting.  When you want to begin the slit - Get to the end of a row.  Instead of tying the drop knot and starting the next row, treat the net like you would flat netting and net back and forth as you would flat netting - in this case for 4 rows.

First you must create the slit.  You must te into a substitute for the loops you would regularly tie into as shown below.

The slit you just created has too large a gap so that the first and last loops in each row must be butted together (#s 1 & 10 and 5 & 6).  Go around the opening with a sligltly smaller mesh as shown below.  Tony

In this picture of the slit the numbered meshes 6-10 are the ones not tied into.  Meshes 5-1 are the meshes tied into the extra pink loop as shown in the drawing above (only 3 loops, sorry).
  The gap between 5 & 6 is extra wide, likewise 5 & 10.  When you go around the opening use a smaller gauge.  When you tie between these end meshes eliminate the gauge and tie the netting knot so that these meshes but together.