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Finally got the grandson and his dad over for a back yard overnighter.

The accommodations:  A little 3 man tent I picked up on sale ($50 if I remember correctly) from Cabelas about a year or so ago. Was very happy with it.

A little hatchet work using the OP method of kindling making:

Success with ferro rod, waxed dryer lint, and a few magnesium shavings:

Supper was hotdogs cooked over the fire and some chips:


'Bout time for bed:

Chilly this morning at 48 F.  The fire had banked itself so getting this going was a snap.

Nice setting you have there Nuke. I'm sure everone had a good time and no packing to do  ;)  :thumbsup:
I like your camp Iron set. I need to ask sixfooter to make me a set, with several different size hooks.


Looks like good times! Thanks for sharing.

My daughter asked a few days ago if we could "practice" camping in the back yard.

Getting three generations together for an overnighter outdoors is great.  Glad you all had a good time.

Nice photos.  Glad you had a good time.


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