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I haven't been getting out much lately, so Saturday morning I decided to do a little turkey hunting about two hours away from the house, camp out Saturday night and maybe hunt a little Sunday morning. I have a new tarp I've been wanting to try out from Panther Primitives, a 9' 6" x 9' 6" oilskin trail tarp. I got to where I wanted to camp about noon and lashed a frame together for the tarp, then started hunting. There are turkeys around this area, but it's over 5000 discontinuous acres of WMA and several private areas, so I wanted to drive to the high probability areas and hike to several spots, stopping and calling along the way. Unfortunately, this didn't work out and no turkeys were seen or heard. I did find some fresh beaver sign and a dam I didn't know about, this will get filed away for later use. I got back to the camp about an hour and a half before sundown, pretty tired from walking. This was our first warm day, and the heat coupled with me being out of shape took it's toll. I finished setting up, building a fire reflector and a pot crane and gathered more firewood. Finally, I made a fire with natural tinder and a LMF firesteel, something I've not been able to do so far. I was really exited about that, but I didn't take any video or pictures. I had some venison steak for supper, but I was so tired I didn't feel like eating, so I brought that back home. I made a pot of coffee and placed out the bedroll. I brought a Hudson Bay wool blanket and canvas bedroll that turned out to be very comfortable. I had another wool blend blanket I pulled in with me toward the end of the night. It seemed the fire needed stoked and natures call beckoned every couple hours, to much coffee before bed I guess.

 Here are some of the places I was hunting:

 Here is the photo of the beaver sign, the first is obvious, there were runs in several places along the slough and the dam in the second picture. I may revisit this place next year.

All during the night there were a lot of very vocal ducks and geese nearby, which is very enjoyable. Early in the morning I woke up feeling rain hitting my face. I guess I rolled out of the lean-to and had to adjust my position. The tarp did really well and is as waterproof as any tent. Bottom line is I stayed dry. When morning came, I didn't want to get up. The fire was still going and I was cozy and dry, listening to the rain hit the tarp. During a lull, I got up dressed, stoked the fire, made coffee, bacon and eggs. I decided not to hunt and took my time packing up when the rain slowed down, enjoying some coffee when it started up again. Once I got the tarp down, I stashed all of the poles back in the woods for possible future use.

 It was a good trip overall, and several firsts. I built a fire reflector, started a fire with firesteel and natural tinder, slept with a wool blanket lashed the tarp frame, and set up my new tarp. Lots of ticks were out, though.



I love that camp.  :)   Seriously... you were warm enough with just one wool blanket?   I haven't tried that yet..  I seem to think I'll need three or four to keep warm. :)

Thank you for sharing your trip.  How long will the season for turkey be open?


Nice!  Ticks are very bad right now here too.  That's a good looking camping setup for trying a lot of that out for the first time. 

love the set up!  simple!  nice job.

Very nice setup, Wes.  Sorry you didn't get a turkey.  Maybe next time.


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