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2014 Scout Camp: Oak Ridge/Kolob, Utah (pics)


Just came down a couple days ago from a good week-long reboot.  Went up to summer camp with our Scout troop.  I work with the younger kids, Webelos and 11 year old Scouts, this was the 12-18 year old boys, so it was great to break out of the little-guy mindset and have some fun.

I think the best part was we were ten miles from a single cell bar signal.  40 miles from the closest town and 5 miles or so from the pavement.  It was a fully developed campground with flush toilets and showers in a central building and clean water to the campsites...not that I'm complaining...I like my daily shower and not having to squat!!! 

the camp was so thick with scrub oak and cedars that many of the trails were nearly impassable.  The hundreds of chipmunks had no problem but the one squirrel I saw was having a hard time ~LOL~!  It was a bit scary to the retired fireman in me though.  the fuel load up there is insane.  We had no problem keeping the camp in firewood by just grabbing and dragging dead oak logs and branches in from right around the camp.

Kolob Reservoir was not far off, up at the blacktop, so we spent a couple afternoons kayaking and fishing.  Next trip up I am surely getting a fishing licence and taking some chicken parts and a net.  The crawfish up there are bigger than anything I saw in Montana where I grew up.  ..and I like me a pot o' mudbugs!!!

We were nestled down in a high valley on the far side (north from here) of Zion Nat'l Park.  The only downside was all the pines were growing on the other side of the valley, out of reach.  I was looking forward to some evergreen tea, but oh well, it was great anyways!

I started out with my hammock and an experimental underquilt made from a poncho liner.  it sucked, so I went back to my tent and cot.  yes, i'm getting old and use a cot LOL!  It was in the 40's at night anyway, so a bit cold for a hot weather sling.  Daytime was sweet in the mid '70's.

A shot of the brush on the side of the trail:

Hammock setup with the failed underquilt hanging too low.  I tied it up but it just didn't work right.  I think it was too light and I couldn't get it to surround the hammock right.  the tarp is one I recently got from Sportsmans Guide and I love it!

One of the trails in camp:

The 1/4 mile long zipline, looking up the road out:

The road in:

Zion park to the right, camp to the left, about three miles farther in:

In camp, showing alternatives to propane camp stoves:

One of my Wilderness Survival merit badge student's shelter (bear in mind we were not allowed to cut anything green, so yeah, its lacking a lot of boughs, but he proved the concept):

Very nice Gryphon- reminds me of a few years back with the boys.  A much more rugged camp than ours, but exactly the terrain we tried to find for our survival camps.

Great on you for still going and helping the Scouts  :thumbsup:

Great stuff!  My son goes to Scout camp here in a couple weeks, always a blast!

Very nice.  We need one more tip out west.

That's some pretty country there. Thanks for sharing!


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