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A few of us were fortunate enough to get together at Lake Norman State Park over the weekend. As usual we had a real good time. Good food and fellowship. Actually did a little more than eat, drink, talk, and laugh. We are lucky to share familiar friendships and we're also lucky to meet some new friends. Luckily the bullies didn't show up till about dark :)

Short cast of characters. From the left, UW, Wilderbeast, JTD, Lulu held by upthecreek. We were all very happy to add JTD to our list of friends. Was Lulu's first outing too. I was proud of her.

Didn't take a bunch of pics but JD put on a fire show for us. His first smoke was from the lens.

Didn't take but a jiffy to get the charr smoking.

Blew his leaf bundle to flame right away.

Next was the bow/drill demo. He broke a sweat during this exercise but came thru like a thorough bred!

Hard being a tough guy, but somebody has to do it.

Right into flame..if you look at his face he'll have to kill ya!

Got a snap of some of our tools/toys.

UW & JTD worked together on this creation. It was called several things...we decided as a group on "big spoon".

Wilderbeast brought along a new shelter. My picture is crappy so maybe he'll share some more info. Proved to be fairly water proof I think.

UW and I stuck to hanging as usual. JD hug too but hid so I couldn't get a good shot of his accommodations.

Me with my Hennessey. Was a clear night so I followed UW's lead with no tarp.

UW's normal gig.

This is the beginning of my new hang. UW finished hooking it up for me this weekend. I really appreciate his knowledge and kindness as all his friends do. I'll share the info on it in a gear thread later.

As usual it was a good time with good folks and we all look forward to next time.


Looks like you fellas had a good time. Great to have some time out with friends.
JTD looks like he's been practicing!

Looks like a great time fellas, thanks for the report utc. :cheers:

UW and JTD, did you guys burn the bowl out on that spoon? It looks pretty good.

Looks like you guys had a great time together and great weather for your outing!  Curious to learn more about the new shelter...

As always a good time was had by all.  Many thanks to my friends JTD and U.W. for sharing their skills and for UTC for forgetting his canoe and freeing us up for just hanging out  8).

The shelter I used consisted of a pop up one person insect net with a casualty blanket ground cloth and a surplus marine tarp that I pitched low to the ground the first night when some severe thunder storms rolled through.  It kept me reasonably dry under pretty wet conditions.  The pop up sets up literally in seconds and has a waterproof tub floor.  This was especially welcome as I had a good half inch of standing water surrounding me at the height of the storm.

The second night I could have done without the tarp completely but pitched it high to catch the slight breeze. 

I was very pleased with my minimal shelter.  At under three pounds it is a good packable three season option that I'll be using again.

I'll start planning the next get together soon, I think the mountains are next in line for a visit from the bullies of bushcraft.

I'm glad to see other groups getting together and enjoy hearing how y'all's camps go. Have y'all named your group yet? The Krac's need some friendly competition. That could be a great thread coming up with a name for that crowd. Lol Good Times


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