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The trip to Tn and camping on the upper Tellico a stones throw from NC line off River road.
My eldest daughter, son inlaw and grandkids camp all week, along with my friend Rick. My youghest daughter camped the last three nites and my 2nd and her family along with brothers and family came up for the 4th. I didn't get as many photos as I should have, but I'll share a few I have. Sat. my daughter Beth and hubbie took me kayaking on the Ocoee river. I'll post those in the river rat topic.
As usual we had lots of food, Bear, deer, beef and chicken, lots of fresh local veggies and a big pot of pintos over the fire. :)

My daughter and grandson, getting ready to tube

Right beside my Hammock

My home for the week

My friend Rick

Ricks camp

SIL and grandkids unloading fire wood

Potatos, summer squash, onions and bacon, Mmmmmm

Granddaughter playing cards

Grandson and Rick

Oldest Grandson getting ready to carve a spoon from some dried maple

Burning the year into the spoon with mag glass

Lounging in the stream.

SIL sharping his blade

I forgot the camera on our bike rides and hiking.  Thanks for looking

Looks like a really laid back family gathering there, Spyder.  :camp:   Your grandson has a pretty steady hand  showing up there in his solar engraving skills, too.......nice even sized numerals! :thumbsup:

Thanks Craig, he's a talented young man, I'm very proud pop-aw

Looks like a fantastic trip.  Glad you had the chance to get away.

Thanks Dave, it was a good get away and the weather was great. Fri and sat. mornings were down right cold. refreshing after all our heat here.


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