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It's hot but I'm still getting stuff acomplished

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I've recently picked up a cheap short scale Squier bass and have totally modified the hell out of it. It's a sweet player now. All new electronics, a Mustang bass type bridge, BiSonic pickup, light weight tuning machines and a set of flat wound strings. It weighs 6lbs 7oz.

I've been using it at rehearsal and the wed. evening gigs we've been doing. Seen in this photo with an off road power supply and 40 watt amplifier I built it for.

I picked up some cheap parts off eBay and am in the process of building a short scale fretless Tele bass, I have a guy winding a custom 1951 Fender Tele bass pickup for it.

The parts,

I picked up rattle cans of wood primer, off white and light Surf Green for this project, beside the pickup I have a blank aged vintage cream Pearl pickguard ordered. All the rest of the parts will be stuff I have laying around.

Cut the Tele style headstock and made the router template for the neck, drilled, filled and leveled the string throughs.

This is all leading up to building a hand carved, arch top, hollow body, electric short scale bass, out of 100 year aged black walnut, Maple, and some Mahogany I've had for 15 years. I'll use another BiSonic or two in this project.

Good stuff, Hush.  Play something for us when you get some time.

Sure, maybe I can slap together a quick recording this Wed. evening at the weekly gig.

Master blaster. Looking forward to cool evening around the camp fire and hush picking a tune or two.

Well, cool evenings anyhow "o)


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