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Thats awesome JB :thumbsup: and thanks for steering me in this direction Craig...saved to favorites :cheers: :cheers:

I'm really surprised that only 5 of us so far, have found this site to be of use to them.  I've been looking for something this simple to use for printing 1:24,000 sections of a standard 7.5 minute quadrangle map for YEARS and this is the first time it's been done, as far as I know.  Most helpful, quick, easy and FREE! :banana:

I just visited this site again today when I was looking for a topo map of our property.  Northern Natural Gas is seeking 'permission' to access our property to increase the size of a pipeline that, at the present, borders our farm, but does not cross it.  Initially, they decided to change the present pipeline route which does not cross our property, to a route that goes right through the middle of it.  That plan would prevent the planting of corn & soybeans on the primo river/creek bottom ground, that I presently rent to my neighbor....for TWO years!  The very crude maps of their proposed route, that their lawyers sent to me and asked me to sign, was (what I consider to be intentionally vague & confusing) a series of red-flagged pages of gobbledegook that they expected me to sign.  Their lawyers hounded me to sign these papers....for MONTHS!  I disregarded them and did NOT sign any of them.

Around 5:00 PM, I got a knock on our door from an independent negotiator, that NNG employs to deal with difficult people, like....well, you know who! ;)   The maps this dude presented to me were a little more understandable and clear as to the proposed route, but until I presented a REAL topographic map and MY suggested alternate and reasonable route through our property, we were getting nowhere. 

Fortunately, this guy seemed more amenable to the wishes of the landowner than those of NNG....it is his job to make things right and fair for the landowner.  I was impressed with his honesty.  We took a print from the choices in the initial, original post in this thread and THEN he could plainly see that it would be cheaper and less invasive for us AND for NNG to follow my proposed route, rather than that of the surveyors that NNG employed to make the initial survey.  8)

I guess what I'm trying to convey in this 'bump' of an ancient thread, is that that it pays to know where you're at and make use of it!  It certainly paid off for us!  We convinced a cabal of seemingly impossible-to-deal-with petro-companies to yield to somebody that knows a better trail to follow....simply because of this easily accessible website!


I wasn't aware of that, thanks for resurrecting this thread!  I just download the map of the area I go and it shows just how steep the hills are that I hike up.  Actually, maybe that's not a good thing...  :(


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