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Neat chanisaw video

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This guy builds a bench with a chainsaw. some of the cuts make me cringe a bit...

Some of those cuts are "cringeworthy". 

I suppose it is a good primitive bench design. 

Looks like it would have great LUMBAR support!  :popcorn:     I wonder if this guy might be one of those 'lumbersexuals' we've been talking about? :shrug:

Rather lean in the safety minded category. Odd that the still pic shows a guy in boots and some sort of long pants( maybe not cut proof though)

Weird hatchet too.

Stihl? That's so 90's.

I think since there was a groove down the bottom side , the base logs should have had a pyramid shape to lock into that for support. I watched some of the other suggested videos as well. I don't think I could "use up" my chain doing this stuff. I put a lot of effort into keeping my chain in mint condition and ready to work.


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