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Finished my carving bench / mule log

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Hi everyone, I finally was able to make the carving bench aka mule log (what is actually the correct naming of this thing?).
The body is from oak, the legs from birch, the pegs from an old broom (most likely ash) and the wedges from pine.
At one side I put a clamp to hold items that are difficult or too small to wedge.
Next up is making a kuksa from walnut and one from a birch burl :-)

I do not know what they are called but that is a nice one.  As usual you did a great job with it.   :cheers:

Tremendous idea.......I've never seen one like that before.   It actually looks like a better idea than having a dedicated & permanent, non-portable workbench taking up valuable room in a workshop. :thumbsup:

I like it. Though if you started working right there, you would probably be scooted out of frame in short order.

Never seen one before, looks like you did a good job making it.


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