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got out today.

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 A goose down under blanket and a 10 *F down sleeping bag. That open end is for the fire with reflector wall (not built yet the fire pit is under the tarp right now). I have a Katadyn hiker pro water filter for that creek water. I have a UCO Candle lantern for a little warmth, puts out 3000 BTU's and safe hanging from the ridgeline. All synthetic clothing. 3 cups of rice, 3 cups of dehydrated veggei soup mix, a hillshire farms beef summer sausage, and a single foil pack of spam. Fishing kit and 22 rifle. a Mora knife with a ferro rod and a swiss champ plus pocket knife.A titanium Cup 450ml a stainless mug 650ml and a Stanley camp pot. Nimblewill stove burns wood, alcohol, or hexamine tabs. 10' x 10 ' Silpoly tarp with doors and tie outs every 2 feet. I'm all set. 32lbs loadout. The pack weighs almost 4 though.

This is just a costco down throw with bungees tied on the ends. The ends are very loose  but when I get in it tightens up around me pretty well. I'll add end pulls later.

Looks like a good setup to me.  We still have snow on the ground here and what doesn't have snow is mud so that is my excuse for not camping out for another month at least.  However I was thinking about cooking outside and your list at least got me to look at my stove and cooking gear. 

Like Stan, I see no green shoots, buds or any other harbingers of Spring in these parts. ???   Robins are in profusion, but the only thing they do is crap all over everything.

I'm thinkin' one more week and things will become bearable.  I left Florida about one month too soon! :P

awesome trip report

Glad you got out xj! thanks for the share!


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