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One stick fire, with an axe // you're challenged !

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Hello all, last month a friend in Holland started the "one stick fire" challenge again, but this time without the use of softwoods, like needle tree's and birch.
My participation in this one is with most likely Ash, and an axe instead of a knife.
I've done it many times in the past with knives, axes and machete, and then a couple of years nothing, so it was a nice refresher again.

And directly hereby I would like to challenge you as well.
- use your favorite sharp tool in combination with a ferro rod
- no soft woods are allowed
- you can use 1 stick for batonning
- take all materials out of 1 other stick (ignition, kindling, etc, etc)
- Never ending glory shall be yours for eternity, if you can boil a good cup of water on this fire !

The cutting edge of the axe sure worked well producing sparks from the ferrocerium rod (if that is what it is).  I have done that with one of my beat up trade knives but did not think about using my small axe edge.  As usual it is "well done" and thanks. 

Gentlemen, no one is taking up my challenge... ? :-)

No one's up for a little challenge..?

Well I have two excuses.  First it snowed.  Second I was trying to gather the materials to show the way I put the paracord loops on a small tarp like your other video suggested.  Then we went on a "stay at home" request from the State government because of the Corona Virus so my desire to go to a place to get some materials was disrupted.  We can might get to this after the next storm dries out.  We are scheduled to get some snow and rain this Saturday and have two or three quite windy days following that.


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