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Carving a new kuksa from spalted birch, with some trial and error.


Whenever I'm in the forest to walk my dog or for a day hike, and I see a nice piece of blow over tree or dead fall, I have the tendency to take it home.
This habit already provided me with many nice pieces of birch and other wood sorts.

For the kuksa I planned to use birch, so I cut this piece of the log, and to my pleasant surprise it was spalted already.
Using the bandsaw i made a nice rectangular piece from it.

Next step is all with hand tools.

When all done, I was doubting of coloring the oil or not. (with foodgrade coloring stuff)
This because using just oil like natural boiled linseed oil (food save), or tung oil or kitchen cutting plank oil, it always makes the wood yellowish, and for some reason I was looking for something else.
I made from the bandsaw leftovers some test pieces.
Left with red, middle natural, and right green.

After some thoughts I decided to go for the red version and applied it.
When done I regretted it immediately, and it looked not as good as I hoped it would be.

So after lots of sanding again, I got it to a point where I am satisfied with it.
The red part in the bottom of the cup i was not able to sand out, but I don't mind a small reminder of my tests. and I count on this cup to get darker over time anyway.

Well that turned out quite nicely.  I like the shape and the spalted birch makes for an appealing piece.  For many years I have used a stainless steel cup on my treks but this is  much more appealing.

Very nice.  I've attempted 2 but one cracked and one was hard as stone.

Thanks :-) it also feels a bit warmer in the hand whilst drinking your beverage on a cold evening. And the rustic looks is what is appealing to me the most.


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