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I know some of you, as I do, have a few knives in your gear.  Probably a mix of production and custom.  Like Moras to masterpieces like Sarge and Crash make. 

The other day I was looking at some classifieds in an outdoor site and a fellow posted an ISO for a particular custom makers knife.  In his post he stressed that the knife had to have been stored away from the sheath. 

In my experience there are probably some carbon steel knives that would benefit from that but I have Randall's and Pumas and McCarter's, and others that are stored in sheaths for years with no issues unless they are microscopic in which case they are not issues.

So, my question is how do you store your knives?  Out of the sheath, oiled, wrapped in special paper, or what?

I just store mine in their respective leather sheathes.  Most of my knives are carbon/non-stainless steel of one kind or another, but I'm no metallurgist, so I'm not real sure exactly which steels they are made from. :P :shrug:

I've never had a problem with rust on any of them.....except for the carbone Opinel that I carry every day.  Sweat (not so much since I retired), wet conditions, etc. that farmers encounter under everyday conditions can cause a bit of rust to develop.  Since I use it on an everyday basis, I can see rust starting and get rid of it right away before it etches the blade too badly.  The Carbone Opinels that are in storage are just stored rust ever seems to develop on them. :thumbsup:

I make 'sheathes' for some of our lesser used kitchen knives out of corrugated cardboard and duct tape to keep the edges protected from damage and to keep anyone from cutting themselves.  Most of them are stainless, but a few are carbon steel.....never a problem with rust on them, either.  I suppose if I lived in Florida I'd have to do something different for rust prevention, but I don't live in Florida.  I live in Nebraska where apparently the rust problem on knives is NOT TOO BAD. ;D

As long as the sheat is dry, I store them in the sheath. 

Good. I think this guy who posted the ISO is being pretty anal about the condition of the knife he is looking for.  Most of us would have just said "no rust" or something like that.

I made a few sheaths out of milk cartons once.  Used them to store some old butcher knives and a few Green Rivers I picked up.  They were already well used and rusty so I never gave it a thought.

 All of my custom knives are high carbon.  I think the Crashblades I have are all from old saw blades so it's anybody's guess how high they are.  But they don't need alot, just a little olive oil now and then. They live in their sheaths.
 My good ole Old Hickories will rust overnight in FL so they get oiled more and live in a cloth rollup. 
 My Opinels are dedicated food knives and get used enough that I don't really think about it.


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