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I have been looking for a slip joint custom knife lately and have found a couple of makers.  One is more of a production maker and the other is a custom maker who uses his own designs and offers friction folders and locking versions along with a couple of automatic designs.

Chris Crawford out of Mississippi is the custom maker.  His slip joint is superb looks wise and I think it is as well made as any I have seen going by his videos.  No prices but I found a comment about one that was a bit old and it said $200.  I suspect they are higher priced these days.  Not sure of his steel either.

The other is North Arm Knives out of British Columbia.  They make a nice looking slip joint folder as well as kitchen, fishing, and hunting fixed blade patterns.  Steel on the folders is CPM S35VN

One issue with these first two is the waiting list.  Crawford will contact you when he has knives but doesn't say how long that might be.  North Arm has a waiting list and it has been running a year but that might shorten up as they have moved into larger space and increased production ability.  At my age waiting lists are not good.

If I depart from these two there is a production knife available from Enzo. One of their folders is a Birk 75 liner lock.  It is a good looking knife and about the same size as the above makers produce. 
Blade Length: 2.95?
Blade Thickness: .12?
Closed Length: 4.1?
Grind: Scandi
Blade Steel: S30V

Anyway half the fun is looking for good stuff.  I am going to see what Crash has on his FB page and call it a night.

I've been avoiding it, but making folders is on my to learn list.

custom folders are priced out of my comfort zone

Sam the Skaha II folder from North Arm is $230 with the clip and shipping.  The Crawford I am not sure of price wise but it used to be a bit over $200.  These prices are for a slip joint so they are more than a lot of them but way under a one off custom. 

The North Arm is really a production knife of course and the Crawford is sort of a production knife as the differences are just the handle material I think.

I have several nice slip joint traditional knives, Great Eastern and other sources.  I got a new price list from a friend that makes seriously good folders.  His start at $500.  And.......go up.    WAY up.


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