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--- Quote from: wolfy on March 15, 2021, 07:48:07 PM ---At the very least, we got PICTURES of the area....makes me realize what I missed. :-\    I was just happy to see the 'Breakfast of Champions' included....Maker's Mark & BACON! :banana:

What meat (seafood) item was included in that dish on the skottle, besides the elbow macaroni? :shrug:

I appreciate the shots of that beautiful area where you guys spent the last few days, crash....I sure wish I could have been there, but I'm sure you know why I wasn't.  NEXT YEAR I'll try my best to remedy that situation!  :

Give the rest of the Kraks my best regards & well-wishes! I know Hushnel was not there, but please let him know that we used the handmade pot-chain that he gave Heather again tonight to get rid of some crap that stuck to the bottom of our chicken fryer.....made us both recall our last night around the campfire in Florida. :hail: :fire1:

--- End quote ---
That was a shrimp, pasta and alfredo sauce dish.  The day before was shrimp wrapped in bacon with bbq sauce.

Looks like a great camp, sorry I missed this one. So, was this a site to return to in the future. Looks good from the pics.

I think the site is one worthy of returning to.

I don't know if camping by the pond would be cool.

Probably not Ron.  But the sand rails, Jeeps, and 4wheelers tear that place up.  2 wrongs don't make a right.  Sam and I have seen a huge erosion issue since the first camp in 2010.  Mainly in the side roads in and out of the ditch.  Oddly the ditch is easier now, so someone is trying.  But I think we gave the most sensitive area enough space.  It's not that far of a hike from the intersection.  And It hasn't run off the wildlife that I could see in my stands over the years.


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