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Saw the Manned Rocket Take off.

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From out in the forest we watched the rocket go up.  It was spectacular.  Tellico ran around like a nut.  Max sat and panted.  Tellico found another skunk.  He HATES water.  PITA.  Stinking up the house from the back porch now.

Another day in the life...

Watched it from my front yard as I was about to head out for a meeting.  Pretty spectacular with the whispy clouds.  Made the whold sky light up and you could watch the main rocket coming back down to earth with it's maneuvering thrusters lighting things up.

I assume this is the Space X?


--- Quote from: wsdstan on April 23, 2021, 05:06:52 PM ---I assume this is the Space X?

--- End quote ---


Not my pictures, but here are a few of the pre-dawn flight.

And that halo!  Folks that's not the camera.  That's what it looked like.  At one point it was ginormous.


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