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Deval Bushcrafter by Stuart Mitchell

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im interested in the handle size. i remember reading an article JD wrote during this knife's conception. his biggest problem was that most knife handles were too thin for his hands. then he got a hold of an instructor woodlore (with the fatter handle). how big is the handle (in thickness) compared to other knives in your massive collection?

I don't have any calipers, so this will not be exact, but it should be relatively accurate. I measured it and compared it against a woodlore clone that I have. I'll try to post some pictures of them side by side for a comparison tonight. I should note that the woodlore that I compared the Deval to was made a little thinner for my hands, so it may be slightly smaller than another Woodlore clone, but I think it would be a very small difference.

Deval Bushcrafter
The length of the handle is around 4 3/4".
The height is about 1 1/4".
The width is a little larger than 7/8".
The circumference at the thickest part ( the swell) is 4 1/8".
Blade length is just short of 4 1/2"
Blade height is about 1 1/4" at the widest point.
Overall length of the knife is about 9 1/4"

Woodlore clone
Handle length around 4 1/2"
Height is around 1 1/8"
The width is a little larger than 7/8"
The circumference at the thickest part (also the swell) is about 3 5/8"
Blade length is just over 3 7/8"
Blade height is about 1 1/16 at the widest point.
Overall length of the knife is 8 1/2.

Not a huge difference in the size of the handles, but there it is noticeable difference in the shape and size of the handle when held. The Woodlore is a little more comfortable in just a standard grip. That being said, the Deval Bushcrafter is also very comfortable and offers a little more grip variance and options due to being a little larger, but mostly I think it's due to the slight guard that it sports. With the guard and the way that it's angled, I can really choke up on the knife for more control. Also, the angle of the choil allows me to place my index finger there, with the rest of my hand secure and very comfortable on the handle and perform very controlled and precise cutting.

They're both great knives, but I think the Deval edges the Woodlore in performance, options, and design.

awesome! thanks for taking the time to measure that for me :D

That's a really nice looking knife!!


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