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was digging in my blade box and found

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 this little number ... no it's not a bush blade it's a skinner

other side

 it was made by Alan Gerber, # 133 it was his deer skinner design ...
handle is corian with brass spacers. and yep real turquoise.

not sure of the steel but holds an edge like nobody's business :-) granted
I doubt it would be something I'd baton with :-)


ps I'll dig out the scabbard later ..

Wow, exotic!

I've heard you can actually get stabilized turquoise that is made from crushed turquoise in a polymer binder. The Corian is cool too. I haven't used it yet but I'm looking forward to trying it some time. Cool knife though, thanks for posting it!

that took a seriously long time to make.. it looks excellent, and i know how much work went into that piece.. pure awesomeness!!

That is crazy cool!

SWEET looking Blade Rogumpogum! 8)


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