Author Topic: Just got a Decked System to Organise My Truck Bed and Carry Rifles/Shotguns.  (Read 2986 times)

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I just got this system and had 5 long guns to range with all my target supplies etc.   I packed a few steel targets on top very cool the envy of the parking lot at the range.   

Check out the video of this cool gun transport unit.

[video=youtube;gFbmvNQijc4]]Youtube link to my video on Decked system[/video]

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That's a sweet system you got there.

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Its a nice system and worked well all year.  It stayed dry as a bone through some terrible weather.

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Great set up.  Had one in my hunting truck for several years.  It was set for dog training and bird hunting.  Long drives to pheasant, quail, and sharptails.  Really worked well over the years and and made it easy to take along a lot of gear packed so it didn't interfere with dog boxes and coolers.   
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That is really cool,.... thanks for posting.
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That's neat! I've seen similar setups for surveyor trucks to be able to transport all the tripods, staffs and level rods. It makes thing so much more organized and keeps them from damaging each other sliding around in transport.