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Kodiak canvas 10x10
« on: February 15, 2022, 03:53:16 PM »

Among the canvas tents used over the years in different areas and conditions I've ended up with two still in use. One is the 10x12 wall tent previously reviewed and the other is a 10x10 Kodiak Canvas for primarily warm weather use when not back packing. But there's not nearly as much back packing these days in any case so ...

The Kodiak Canvas wasn't my first choice when looking for a canvas tent as I wanted something a bit more old school design but 8 years of use has proven it's overall worth
Weight is listed as 68 pounds with a fair part of that in the poles which are handled separately in any case. Yearly use averages 3 months or so with a couple or three separate sets since sleeping outside is my preference most of the time and these days a cot is a much appreciated bit of kit. Also appreciate the attached floor keeping the critters on their side of the canvas. The included stakes are heavy duty. I

There is plenty of room for me and the dog and a few pieces of simple camp furniture. Compared to other shelters I've used it practically palatial. The useable space is enhanced by near vertical walls and well over 6 ft of ceiling height.

It is very easy and quick to set and strike and has held up to occasional very high winds and sideways driving rain. It packs up very easily and efficiently. The exterior metal frame l ground for safety and a ground cloth has been used for the time I've had it  The heavy vinyl floor shows basically no wear and while there is usually a piece of carpet by the cot the rest is just swept as necessary. The zippers on the 2 doors and 2 large windows still work fine. Ventilation is very good when days are hot and any chill in colder times is easily handled by a Mr Buddy heater run briefly.

The canvas has held up very well in my high desert area given that some form of tarp shading is usually used. But that's necessary for everything in the desert. There is no piece  from Kodiak specifically designed for it. With one exception there has never been a leak of any kind regardless of how hard it has rained   About year 4 i did have a small drip in a ceiling seam during a particularly active "monsoon" season that was easily remedied.  That's it. The attached awning is a very useful feature as well.

I don't cook, eat or store food inside a tent since they do see some high country use. I will admit to keeping a coffee pot warm on the stove in the wall tent when it snows. Just saying. Mea culpa.

The price at the time of purchase, on sale through Cabelas was a little less than half of most other tents I was considering. The usual listed price hasn't changed much in the interim. The Kodiak line was and is made in China. There is similar style tent made in the USA by another company. 

More information and pictures are on their website. My smart phone doesn't like to do that stuff.

Overall the tent has provided good service and comfort through years of use and looks to be that way for years to come. A good investment for me I think. If this is the kind of thing you like you won't be disappointed.

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Re: Kodiak canvas 10x10
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2022, 04:56:29 AM »
I love canvas tents.  Setting up and taking down is another story.