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Title: A Review of Memphis Ice winter and wet weather gloves
Post by: wsdstan on March 15, 2020, 10:31:24 AM
These are Memphis Ice fully coated waterproof gloves.  Model 9060FC are what I bought. They are fairly cheap at $8.00 or so on various internet sellers.  The FC models are fully coated and great for working in rain or snow conditions, wet water as long as it is shallow.  I use these a lot around the farm for times when I am going to be working with water tanks, frozen pipes, and so forth.  I also use them a bit when irrigating and changing fittings or gates on the pipe although they are hot and don't breathe at all so if it is warm out there are better methods.  I would like them even more if they had a model with a gauntlet that came to about midway up your ulna/radiius.  They are molded in a straight mold so when you first put them on they feel like you have them on backwards or on the wrong hand I guess.    That never goes entirely away but you get used to it.  I set some beaver traps in shallow water on the pond side of a small dam the other day and wore these.  They are good when riding a motorcycle in cool to cold weather too.  Around winter camp they are useful when you are brushing snow off the tent, ice fishing, and the like.  They are not good around stoves or hot pots and pans but might survive a bit of heat.   

I bought these in April of 2018 so they are nearly 2 years old and have held up well.  In reading reviews a lot of workers who handle frozen foods and work in freezers stocking and so forth like these. 



Title: Re: A Review of Memphis Ice winter and wet weather gloves
Post by: wolfy on March 15, 2020, 11:24:43 AM
What are they like on the interior?  I had a similar pair that I found on the road going to town one day, but they were a bit different.  They were glossy black and like a pair of fuzzy yellow chore gloves that were dipped in the stuff you dip tool handles in.  The un-dipped cuffs finally rotted off, but they were as stiff as boxing gloves from day one and haven't changed a bit.  Ours were used mostly for handling nasty stuff like soybeans that get wet & rotten in the bottom of an auger hopper or for pouring chemicals from the 2 1/2 gallon jug to the measuring pitcher. :coffee:
Title: Re: A Review of Memphis Ice winter and wet weather gloves
Post by: wsdstan on March 15, 2020, 05:08:13 PM
These are better than those coated stiff gloves.  The lining is a soft acrylic.  The cuffs are elastic and will probably go first but after two years they are still like new.

The exterior of these gloves is very pliable and the application process appears to be from dipping it in a solution.  The coating is flexible and fairly well bonded to the material.  So far there is no flaking or delamination going on.

These will puncture pretty easily but would sure work for picking up stuff that is not fun to get on your hands. 

Here is a link to them on Amazon:

I see they have changed the logo on these but they are the same as the pairs I bought.  These run small so I bought a size larger than I normally wear.