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Title: Chestnut Ridge Knife Shop
Post by: Fire Steel 703 on February 15, 2012, 07:41:53 PM
Just wanted to give a quick heads up and maybe help someone else avoid the hassle I went through with this place.   

I was in the market for a particular folding knife and found it at Chestnut Ridge Knife Shop.  On my order form, I left notes to please QC it before shipping out for proper grind, sharpness, and fit and finish.  Well, it came defective.  There was A LOT of side to side play on the main blade when it was open.  The blade even had another person's fingerprints on it, so someone at some pointed looked at the blade (his place or the manufacturer, I dont know).  I contacted the owner twice over emails to his email acct at the business, once to the main customer service email address, a phone call (left a message) and responded on the "Contact Us" link on their website.   

A week and a half goes by and no response.  So I filed a Paypal dispute.  He then didnt respond to any of the Paypal generated communication to him either.  Then a few days later, he leaves me a voice mail saying this is first time he's hearing of the issue, and how the knife was fine when it left his shop and to take it up with the manufacturer and their lifetime warranty, and that he is disputing my claim.  Really??   The first time??  I guess the phone call, three emails, website message didn't count.   How's that for customer service?  Well, I didnt want the knife now, or to let him keep my money after this type of behavior.  I called Paypal and informed them of his call.  They looked at his comments, and they immediately awarded me my full purchase price plus original shipping as well as return shipping for the defective knife. 

I've read postive comments about this shop on the other board.  And some of you all may have had good transactions with this guy.  I guess it is easy to give a good review when there is nothing wrong with the transaction.  It's how a business handles things when they go bad that detemines a seller's true colors IMO.  I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt and he blew it.

A lot of people also denegrade Paypal as well. But of the three times that I had to dispute a purchase, each one was resolved quickly and to my satifaction.  Anyway, if you hate Paypal, or like this shop, that's cool, that's your perogative.  But I will never do business with him again... just a friendly heads up.
Title: Re: Chestnut Ridge Knife Shop
Post by: rogumpogum on February 15, 2012, 10:04:17 PM
I bought from them a long, long time ago and while the shipping was extremely slow, it wasn't a bad experience, but because of the slow shipping and almost zero communication, I haven't bought from them since. I think I pretty much exclusively buy from Knife Works. Great guys there.

As for Paypal, I've used it for years - never once had a problem (ditto with eBay, been using that site since the late 90s, buying and selling).
Title: Re: Chestnut Ridge Knife Shop
Post by: Fire Steel 703 on February 16, 2012, 10:29:33 AM
The shipping was another issue as well.  It wasn't slow but it definitely was inflated. I was charged almost $10 based on my zip code and when I received the package... well, it wasn't a package it was an envelope that cost just over $4.00 to ship.