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Title: Future Canoe Materials
Post by: greyhound352 on April 13, 2016, 04:10:00 PM
I found this article interesting on future canoe materials coming from the vendors.

Now I do love my Pack canoe from Old Town made from royalex and it's amazing light weight of 28 pounds the canoe is great for day paddles or 4 day river trips.
Title: Re: Future Canoe Materials
Post by: wolfy on April 13, 2016, 05:12:17 PM
Very interesting article, greyhound! :thumbsup:    I guess I've kind of been 'out of the loop' when it comes to watching for all the newer hull materials. :P     After reading all that information, I would be hard pressed to make a decision on what to get.  Royalex was good material, but it had its faults, Mad River Explorer for instance, would 'oilcan' when trying to paddle it empty and 'full steam ahead.'    It seemed to behave a lot better in that regard if it was heavily laden in the center with 3 full Duluth packs on a 10 day was a good tripper. 
Title: Re: Future Canoe Materials
Post by: wsdstan on April 13, 2016, 09:36:45 PM
I had a Wenonah fiberglass 17' that we used on our annual Smith River floats up in Montana.  I chose that material since I could carry a repair kit of glass cloth and resin in case I broke it.  We then got a synthetic material like Royalex that has lasted over fifteen years laying out in the weather and, other than the gunnels, it's as good as the day we got it. 

I hope some of these materials in the link make it to market. 

Title: Re: Future Canoe Materials
Post by: madmax on April 15, 2016, 05:00:29 AM
In the heyday in the subculture of squirt boating (VERY small thin whitewater play boats) homegrown layups in different types and layers of glass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar were popping up everywhere.  It was very cool to see what the mad scientists cooked up in their backyards.  At it's peak the builders would ask for your inseam and shoe size.  The kayaks were that small. 

Anybody who has helped me tote my big red tripping canoe (Heavy Royalex) knows it's a herniator.  My dream canoe (new) is the 19' Wenonah Itasca in Kevlar for expedition paddling.  But they had another model years ago that was less radical.  I'ld love to find one stuffed in the rafters (So no UV damage) of some old timer's shed wanting to pass it on to someone who would use it.

Nice article.